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about us

NRCLHR Technologies specializes in providing comprehensive, unbiased, and independent software quality assurance services to global organizations and product companies. As per our deep knowledge & expertise, working with any platform, framework, or medium, and can even help you fit software quality into the agile process. With an emphasis on time-bound delivery and customized solutions, our quality assurance services help our partners manage the quality of their deliverables while keeping costs low.

As a leading company, our core objective is to deliver what we promise on time, every time. Our smart approach to quality has resulted in thousands of successful QA outsourcing projects. We’re confident we can help you, too.

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Our Services

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Functional Testing

Our in-house experts are proficient in defining test strategies, test plans to ensure maximum test coverage right from the beginning of the requirement phase to deliver fully functional, bug-free, and quality release of the product to end-users.

Regression Testing

With the increasing demand for agility in development processes, regression test suites are very critical to ensure that the outcome of new enhancements is not impacting the existing quality of the product. Impact analysis of any new implementation is the core of our regression test suites.

Integrated System Testing

We offer integrated system testing and QA services that define, establish, and validate the functionality of a software product against the system, business, and deliverable specifications. Our experience with the latest tools & technology and focused approach on integration testing.

Component Testing

Our approach covers the verification of any reusable, focused, domain, and commercial components irrespective of their size and complexity under various situations. It helps us to ensure that every individual component of the product works to its full potential and meets all quality parameters of its functionality.

Exploratory Testing

With the fact of lack of documentation, well-defined requirements, and QA involvements in the later stage of the product life cycle due to N number of business reasons. We begin our QA process with bare minimum details and start exploring products to build system understanding, defining test strategies, documenting test plans, finding defects quickly, and speed up the delivery.

Database Testing

Our technical expertise and sound testing procedures of database testing ensure the data validity, integrity, accuracy, and best performance of the application database across all platforms.

Compatibility Testing

Our test strategy focuses on matrix and methodology to identify the optimum number of combinations to test the compatibility of the product with different OS, browsers, devices, display resolutions, hardware configurations, servers, databases

UI/UX & Usability Testing

The UI/UX and usability of the product is the most critical factor of a product’s acceptance in any marketplace. Our QA approach always covers detailed user experience & usability analysis from the end-user point of view and works closely with the product and design team on improvements to ensure customer satisfaction.

API Testing

Our comprehensive QA approach covers extensive testing of each individual API and web service to ensure high-quality and smooth integrations with front-end and 3rd party systems. Our experts perform manual and automated API testing using the latest tools.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile handsets and operating systems are changing extremely fast. We perform all of our mobile testings in a cutting-edge lab that provides engineers with hundreds of different configurations on hundreds of different devices, including iPhones, iPads, Windows devices, Android phones, and Android tablets.

IoT Testing

IoT is about creating a network that includes vehicles, devices, or maybe a lamp on the street, It could be anything. All this requires are sensors and a network to exchange data between the objects and the Application or data center. We have experience in sensor testing, command testing, Interrupt testing, Latency testing, etc.

Automation Testing

We have our in-house customized and portable software testing framework for mobile and web applications, which can be seamlessly plugged into any automation tool. We have highly qualified and experienced testers who work on our client’s requirement offering business-critical testing services using open source and commercial automation tools.

Our Testing Process


  • Business Analysis
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Project Document

Requirement & Planning

  • Efforts Estimation
  • Requirement Traceability Matrix
  • Risks Analysis
  • Test Plan Development

Test Environment Setup

  • Software & Hardware Configuration
  • Test Scenarios/User Stories
  • Test Data Preparation

Execution & Defect Tracking

  • Test Execution
  • Capture Results
  • Reviews & Analysis
  • Share Insights

Reporting & Maintenance

  • Summary Reports
  • Recommendations Report
  • Client Acceptance
  • Project Closure

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Our Team

Our team of certified, award-winning QA engineers is ready to test your software and make it even better than it already is. We are working with international clients with businesses of all possible sizes, and from numerous industries — for almost two decades, and this makes us a one-of-a-kind provider of Quality Assurance services. Our customer-obsessed approach ensures you a transparent QA process, strict SLA following, reasonable pricing, and rapid delivery.


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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